Vägval Ombergsliden

Hikes and Walks

The Omberg offers numerous opportunities to discover its diverse nature on hikes or walks.

600 m to 2000 m long are the nature trails "Omberg and the ice Age" and Skogsslingan (Forest loop, Trees and bushes), the beechwood forest trail and the Orchid trail (hiking trail in the Ombergsliden nature reserve). They are marked in colour and provided with information signs and boards.

Furthermore, three hiking trails make the Omberg accessible (Ellen-Key trail, Älvarum's trail, Around Omberg/Östgöta Trail), whereby the Ombergsleden completely surrounds the mountain over a length of 25,3 km.

Ombergsleden and the orchid path in Ombergsliden are marked in orange. Unfortunately, orange markings can also be found in many other places on Omberg. This can easily be confusing. In this respect it is no mistake to use a map. UpplevVadstena.se provides access to online maps of all paths and trails. Each map is also available as pdf for printing. So you do not need to carry more than 5g of paper in your pocket.

But also off the marked paths you can go for a walk. In the north as well as in the south there are enough forest paths and forest trails that can be combined to round trips or walks.

Omberg's nature and hiking trails
Promenader på Omberg (walks on Omberg - in swedish).

Hl. Hjärtas Kloster


With the re-routing of the Omberg Trail on the north-eastern side of the Omberg in August 2020, two new pilgrimage routes were created: the (new) Klosterleden and the Virgin Mary round. Both follow the Ombergsleden/Östgötaleden to a large extent, thus passing neither Ombergs hjässan, Ombergsliden, Maria Hjärtas monastery, Djurkälla nor any chalk marshes. The Virgin Mary round (Jungfru Maria rundan) is identical to the northern section of the Omberg trail.

The former pilgrimage trails "Klosterleden" and "Mary trail" ("Marialeden") still exist and combine Omberg's finest hiking trails. However, they lack their own markings and signposting. Please use UpplevVadstena's maps and directions for orientation. Suitable places for rest and devotions can be found on the new and old pilgrimage routes.

The Klosterleden (abbey trail) begins at the Alvastra monastery ruins and leads to the monastery church in Vadstena. It belongs to the so-called Birgittatrails, which all have Vadstena as their destination. In Alvastra, the Franciscus Trail joins in the south towards Jönköping.

"Marialeden" (Omberg) is a 10.3 km circular hiking trail with Borghamn as the starting point and can be easily mastered in one or half a day.

A guide can be booked for a hike on Klosterleden and Marialeden. Please contact

Guided tours

Guided tour of Alvastra. Photo: Wettersaga

While most visitors like to discover the Omberg on their own, guided cultural and nature walks are also available, both tours lasting several hours (3-6 h) with picnic basket and shorter tours lasting one or two hours. The guides have detailed knowledge and local knowledge, which they are happy to pass on to their visitors. If you wish, you can also book a nature guide individually as a group.

Organizers on the Omberg are Wettersaga, Woods & Water as well as Kulturguidningar i Dal. Gunilla Wetterling (www.naturvandringar.se) offers pure nature tours for pre-booked groups.

Public Omberg walks and guided tours can be found at Guidade turer på Omberg.

Woods and Water: MTB


Ecopark Omberg's cycle trails

Ecopark Omberg's MTB trails: bike trail north Bike trail north

Ecopark Omberg's MTB trails: bike trail south Bike trail south

Sveaskog - the forest administration responsible for Ecopark Omberg - has created two MTB trails, one on the north side of the mountain with start and finish at Ommaborg in Borghamn (5.7 km) and one on the south side with start and finish at Stocklycke (12 km and 9 km respectively).

The routes run counterclockwise over short asphalt stretches, forest paths, forest trails, cleared paths and individual hiking trails. Please note that the hiking trails are shared with pedestrians - show consideration and let pedestrians have the right of way!

Ecopark Omberg's cycle trails

Attention! In Sveaskog's current maps from 2021, the following drawn routes deviate from the actual course: Östgötaleden on the north-east side of Omberg, Cycle Route North on the north-east side of Omberg and Cycle Route South past Höje.

Ecopark Omberg cycle trail north
Ecopark Omberg cycle trail south

MTB activities

Woods and Water offers various activities for those interested in MTB. The focus is on newcomers, cross-country and enduro. There are also guided tours, something to try out and what is also known as pathfinder - where they help you to find the best paths for you! The most popular offers are private guided tours. There you rent a guide who will adapt the tour completely to your wishes. Bicycles can be rented!

Book a private MTB-guidning.
Price: 800 SEK/person incl. MTB-rental, 400 SEK/person without MTB-rental.

MTB rental

Rent a mountain bike (size S, M, L (and if desired also XL)) in Stocklycke or Borghamn. Price: 399-599 SEK/day. From 9.00 to 18.00.

MTB-uthyrning i Stocklycke.
Pris: Max 499-599 kr/day. From 9.00 to 18.00.

MTB-uthyrning i Borghamn.
Pris: 299-399 kr/dag. From 9.00 to 18.00.

Ombergs Buchenwälder


Forest bathing

Forest Bathing, or Forest Therapy, is a peaceful, immersive experience in beautiful natural environment. Through simple activities designed specifically for a unique nature experience, you will be guided to presence, relaxation and deep contact with nature.

Forest therapy originated in the Japanese practice Shinrin-Yoku, which means "to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest". The practice is based on research on the effects of nature on human health and is very popular in Japan.

A guided Forest Therapy walk suits most people and is described by many participants as a relaxing and joyful experience.

You can book forest pools for individuals, families and private parties or join a smaller group that is open to the public. Price from 390 SEK per person. Language Swedish or English. Book your Forest Bathing experience at www.upplevskogsbad.se or by email to .

Public forest bathing on Omberg [In Swedish]

Woods and Water: Kajaktur vid Omberg


On and around Omberg there are about 40 sights and interesting places, from Västra Väggar to Sweden's highest spruce, all within walking distance.

There are also fifteen caves hidden in the fault on the lake side, some of which are legendary, such as Rödgavel Grotto. Visit the caves and Omberg from Vättern by boat, kayak or canoe!

Guided kayak tours

Discover Omberg's dramatic cliffs from the lake - and from inside! Day and evening excursions from Hästholmen south of Omberg and Borghamn in the north. The tours are conducted daily from July to August.

These trips are also suitable for those who have never been kayaking before. We paddle leisurely together to the Omberg. The participants should be able to swim 200 meters. It is not recommended to bring children under 10 years of age on the excursion.

Book a guided kayak tour to the caves at Omberg..
1250 SEK/person incl. kayak rental, at least 5000 kr per group. Start in Hästholmen. Juni-September.
Evenening tour to the caves at Omberg.
1250 SEK/person incl. kayak rental. Start in Hästholmen. June-August.

Book a guided kayak tour to the banks in the north of Omberg.
1000 SEK/person incl. kayak rental. Start at Borghamn Strand. Wednesdays Onsdagar 4/7 - 17/8.

Kayak rental

Kayak rentals take place from June to August by the company VätternKajak. There are two rentals at Omberg:

Hästholmen - Start at the harbour of Hästholmen. To Omberg you have to paddle three kilometres north. The cliffs are steep. The best places to go ashore are just before you reach the mountain and at Älvarums udde or Anudden.

Borghamn - at the northern foot of the mountain is the port of Borghamn within Borghamn beach. From here it takes only a few minutes to the beaches of Omberg.

Book your kayak.
A single kayak costs 499 SEK/day and a double kayak 799 SEK/day.

Radler auf dem Sjövägen. Foto: Bernd Beckmann


Omberg is crossed by two regional cycle routes: Vättern-Sommenleden, whose main route is in Småland and Östergötland, and Runt Vättern-leden (main route: around Lake Vättern, Askersund - Motala - Vadstena - Ödeshög - Gränna - Jönköping - Habo - Hjo - Forsvik).

On Omberg the trails follow Norra and Södra Sjövägen. If you cycle southwards, pay attention on Norra Sjövägen. For motor vehicles the road is a one-way street to the north. You must therefore be aware of oncoming vehicles on the narrow road.

If you take a round trip around the mountain on paved roads, follow Borghamnsvägen, Skedagatan and Länsvägen 919 east of the mountain before climbing Sjövägen or Turistvägen "Around Omberg". Clockwise is the easiest way to cycle.

If the bike is also suitable for forest and gravel paths, you can cycle the "Australia Round", a circuit around the southern part of the Omberg and part of the Dags mosse. The route is 12.1 km long and signposted. Suitable starting points are Alvastra and Stocklycke. The name of the round is due to the fact that the course is similar to the contour of Australia.

A pilgrimage can also be done by bicycle. The "Pilgrimsrundan" (Pilgrim round) begins in Vadstena. The journey takes you over the Östgöta plain and Omberg, past Tåkern and Vättern. Along the way there are twelve medieval churches (Vadstena Monastery Church, Orlunda Church, Our Lady Church (Vårfrukyrkan, Skänninge), Bjälbo Church, Appuna Church, Kumla Church, Svanshals Church, Röks Church, Heda Church, Rogslösa Church, Örberga Church).

Combine motion by bike with peace and accessibility. Stop by the churches, rest and get more impressions of the surroundings. You can collect stamps from the twelve churches in a leaflet. The image of each stamp represents an object or detail in the church. Find out what it is! A pilgrimage does not necessarily always have to be on foot.

Omberg's cycle trails


In Stocklycke auf dem Omberg you will find Omberg's Zipline, a park consisting of two height lines and several ziplines in the middle of a fairytale coniferous forest and legendary beech forest. From April to October.

Ombergs Turisthotell

Packages (accommodation and activity)

If you would like to book accommodation in connection with a tour of Omberg, both can be ordered as a package deal from Ombergs Turisthotell.

See also: Package holidays



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historia I natur I kultur

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Experience forest bathing on Omberg

Forest bathing

A unique and restorative experience in the beautiful nature of Sweden.


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