Lilla hamnarmen

Göta Canal boat Diana in Vadstena harbour
Motorhome campsite at Lilla hamnarmen

Vadstena's pitch is on the other side of the moat opposite the guest harbour. The motorhomes are located in an area directly at the Vättern.

Main season weeks 18-35
Pitch with electricity: 225: -
Pitch without electricity: 195:-

Low season weeks 36-17
Pitch with electricity: 180:-
Pitch without electricity: 150:-

Payment by bank/credit card at the pay machine of the boat filling station next to the parking space. If this does not work, please call  +46-143-621 600.

You can also pay with Swish (Swedish smartphone payment system) if the payment machine is out of order. Indicate the number of nights and the car registration number in the payment message. The Swish number is 123 4051 710.

The pitches can NOT be booked. Drop-in applies.

If you have any questions about the pitches, call Vadstena Castle at +46-143-621600. Monday to friday 10-16.


  • Electricity is available for 36 motorhomes.
  • Shower, toilet, water and disposal of dirty water/latrine are in operation.
  • The toilets at Vadstena Castle can be used with a service code until 12 o'clock at night.
  • The green service building is open around the clock. Access with service code on the overnight stay receipt.
  • Please dispose your waste in the garbage bins in the parking lot.
  • Recycling waste is disposed in the containers at the entrance to the campsite.

The pitches cannot be booked.

If you have any questions regarding toilets, sorting of recycled waste, restaurants in town, guided tours of Vadstena Castle and more, please contact Vadstena Castle at +46-143-621600.

If you have any questions about the vacuum cleaner, please call  +46-143-41 35 00.

If you have any questions about emptying the latrines, please call  +46-11-14 96 40.

Hopefully you will enjoy the bold pitch!

Subject to change without notice.

Vadstena Gästhamn och ställplats

Vadstena Camping

Campsite and quick-stop site for motorhomes and caravans.
The campsite is located about three kilometres north of Vadstena between road 919 and the lake Vättern.

340 SEK/day from 10/6 till 15/8
290 SEK/day other times
Midsummer 375 SEK/day
Electricity: 50 SEK/day will be added!
Quick stop: 180 SEK (provided you arrive after 18.00 and leave before 10.00 the next day). Electricity included!

Open 2021: 30 April - 12 September

 +46-143-127 30

Vadstena Camping.

Borghamn Strand

Borghamn Strand: Campsites at Borghamn's harbour
View from the pier in Borghamn

Site att the port of Borghamn (Borghamn Strand)

Price: 200 kr/night with electricity and access to shower, toilet and self-catering kitchen in Borghamn Strand, payable by Swish or with card at Borghamn Strands reception. There are now six sites and all are bookable.

 +46-13-81 00 00.

Borghamn Strand

Closed during winter: 1 November - 31 March

Borghamns pitches are located in a cultural-historical and listed area at the northern edge of the Omberg, where limestone has been quarried since 1100. Stone from Borghamn was supplied for the construction of many famous buildings in Sweden, such as the monastery church in Vadstena and the fortress of Karlsborg. Stone processing (limestone and marble) is still Borghamn's most important industry.

The harbour and the buildings and facilities in the harbour area were created during the heyday of the quarry, when the Göta Kanalbolaget (Göta Canal Company) established the harbour and the Crown Labour Corps set up a prison.

During the summer months there are guided tours in the harbour area and the quarries.

More information about Borghamn

Map of motorhome campsites in Vadstena and Borghamn

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