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The new guide to Vadstena, Vättern, Tåkern, Omberg & Dal

UpplevVadstena.se is an independent project and was first published in Novermber 2015. Since then UpplevVadstena.se has become Vadstena's, Omberg's and Tåkern's leading digital visit and event guide.

Attractions and events are presented with a holistic view and in their geographical, cultural and historical context.
The information paths are short, the menu structure is clear and navigation simple.
The event information is the best in the region with scrollable calendar as well as programme pages for lectures, guided tours, concerts, theatre, exhibitions and other events.
The content is available in Swedish, German and English.
The number of visitors on UpplevVadstena.se is as high as the number of visitors on the Omberg or in Vadstena's monastery church.

UpplevVadstena.se is a successful concept!

UpplevVadstena AB

UpplevVadstena AB, headed by CEO Bernd Beckmann, provides consulting, destination and product development services.


UpplevVadstena AB
Skedagatan 208
592 93 Borghamn
Org.nr. 559085-8576
CEO: Bernd Beckmann

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